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Founded in 1965, SOHA Engineers is one of the leading structural engineering firms in California, with offices in San Francisco and San Leandro. For every project, large or small, we commit to successfully balancing competing priorities to realize the project's vision and goals. From the pragmatism necessary to deliver sensible and elegant structural solutions to the utmost sensitivity toward budget and schedule, we continually challenge ourselves to find new ways to design and deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients.

At SOHA, we strive to engage in early communication and proactive collaboration with our design team across disciplines. We identify critical areas of intersection and achieve alternative value solutions best suited for a holistic and informed decision-making process. We do this without limiting our focus solely to structural engineering, recognizing the unique demands of safety, form, function, sustainability, and resilience for every project.

As early adopters of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we have embraced the technology to significantly improve visualization, communication, and coordination. We have dramatically increased the speed of exploring early design concepts and options. Additionally, we routinely share our models with our construction team for direct fabrication of building components and determination of material quantities.

Our solution-focused design approach uses sophisticated analytical techniques to deliver integrated designs that benefit all project stakeholders. We regularly employ the Performance-Based Design (PBD) approach when standard prescriptive code provisions do not provide sufficient support to capture the more realistic response of buildings to ground shaking in high seismic regions. Utilizing PBD together with advanced technologies such as base isolators, passive energy-dissipation devices, and fiber-reinforced polymers and composites, we have significantly enhanced the performance of new and existing buildings and other structures.

Our passion for problem-solving and breadth of knowledge result in the successful delivery of projects over nearly six decades. We are well-versed in various methods of delivery including CM at Risk (CMR or CM/GC), Design-Build (DB), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Lean Project Delivery (LPD), and Design-Bid-Build (DBB).
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