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Additional Historic Projects

  • Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco

  • Williams Building, San Francisco

  • Trans Pacific National Bank, Alameda

  • Presidio Water Treatment Plant, San Francisco

  • Presidio Building 102, San Francisco

  • Presidio Historic Structures ICAP, San Francisco

  • Presidio Funston Avenue House, Buildings 4-16, San Francisco

  • Presidio Fire Station, San Francisco

  • Curry Village Employee Housing, Yosemite

  • Curry Village Lounge & Registration Building, Yosemite

  • Upper Pines Campground Improvement, Yosemite

  • Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite

  • Yosemite Medical Clinic, Yosemite

  • Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite

  • Lava Beds National Monument Visitor's Center, Tule Lake

  • Nobel Chapel & Crematorium, Cypress Lawn, Colma

  • Alcatraz Island Building 64, GG NRA

  • Angel Island Immigration Station, GG NRA

  • Locke Boarding House, Locke

  • Maritime Museum Restoration, San Francisco

  • Golden Gate Valley Branch Library, San Francisco

  • Fort Point, GG NRA

  • Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

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